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Festive Lehengas

Indian culture is as rich in festivities as is in its colourful attire. Lehengas are a great blend between traditional and contemporary elements of India and in design. Festive Lehengas are a choice for most urban and youthful market as it is easy to wear, choices in design within the outfit itself is vast and the ease in which the Lehenga can fit into the western realm.

Without batting an eye many designers have taken the conventions of a traditional Lehenga and weaved into it a sense of festivity by simply adding various silhouettes, designs elements, prints, modern and fresh styles, and merging various materials. Party wear lehengas are more contemporary and carry more of a silhouette outlining to the garment. The lehengas worn by most women to a party would see a lot of different textures in material and in the way the outfit is presented. For example net can be a key element with embossed floral prints or Aztec design patterns. It is less on the extravagance and more on being unique and chic.

Wedding wear lehengas are richly ornate and might have a more traditional appeal catering to the formality of the occasion. Indian saree designs are very varied and the influences such as zari, zardosi, mirror work, bordered hem lines, prints and designs are also elements one can see in Lehengas. Indian bridal jewelry compliments wedding wear lehengas with its classy appeal and even adds a twist to the contemporary modern designer lehengas for parties.

Online store are very reliable source for women of today as it is a one stop shop for all the festive needs. Anything from party to wedding wear lehengas, Indian bridal jewelry and many Indian saree designs, it caters to all. Online stores even cater to the entire look.