5 AMAZING WAYS TO DRAPE YOUR LEHENGA DUPATTA! A lehenga dupatta is a prime part of the traditional ensemble. It can change the appearance of the entire look. As dupatta is an unstitched and versatile piece of clothing, you can drape it in myriad ways. This benefit comes in handy when you have multiple weddings on your plate and not that many outfits to don. You can refashion the entire finery just by choosing a different way to drape the lehenga-dupatta. A dupatta has varied kinds. The drapery of dupatta depends on 3 things, namely; Length: Shorter the dupatta, simpler the drape. The longer and wider the dupatta, the more complicated the drape can become. Design: If the dupatta has protruding and hefty embroidery, it would require some limelight so, flowy and hanging drapes would be recommended, while plain dupattas would better look pleated. Material: Stiff fabrics look better when they are pleated, whereas fluid fabrics like georgette and chiffon can charm everyone with their flowy attribute. Listed below are 5 stunning ways to wrap your lehenga dupatta like a pro. 1. SAREE-STYLE DRAPE A saree-style drape is very common and preferred among the distinct communities in India. It goes best with subtle lehengas in solid hues as it disguises the simple lehenga-choli with its contrasting shade, work, and drape. For a saree wrap style, it’s best to use heavily embellished lehengas when the lehenga-choli duo is monotonous, while for the adorned lehenga-cholis, net, or any other transparent fabric is recommended. Down below is the step-by-step process on how … Continue reading 5 AMAZING WAYS TO DRAPE YOUR LEHENGA DUPATTA!