HOW TO ACCESSORIZE A LEHENGA Lehenga choli is one of the most preferred as well as admired Indian wedding ensembles. The exquisite trio does wonders with its utmost versatility and prepossessing drapery. It is highly flexible, as a conventional lehenga choli set comes with a flared skirt, an upper-waist blouse, and lastly, a dupatta. With the notable growth of flawless craftsmanship and innovative designers in India, now there are myriad silhouettes and styles when it comes to traditional lehenga-choli. Consequently, Indian markets are invaded with dozens of unique cuts and color compositions. Having a basic lehenga and accessorizing it with the assistance of your own creativity has its own fun. Putting your individual flair can bring out an offbeat amalgam. So, to help you with that, down below are some tips and tricks that would help in taking your lehenga up by a notch. 1. ADD AN EXTRA DUPATTA A dupatta is more than just a long scarf. It has its own way of embellishing a subtle garment. While there are a number of ways to wrap a dupatta, you can double the fun by adding one more to the composition. Listed below are a few ways to style two dupattas like a pro; Take two contrasting dupattas, for instance, one in net fabric and the latter one in velvet. Wrap one around the body and put the other one over the head for an elegant compilation. Play with the colors by choosing a contrasting hue for one of both the dupattas. The outcome should … Continue reading HOW TO ACCESSORIZE A LEHENGA