HOW TO CHOOSE BRIDAL LEHENGA ACCORDING TO YOUR BODY TYPE There is an immense dilemma when it comes to what you should be wearing for your wedding. Selecting a lehenga that will suit your body should be a prime concern. Even If you’re hyped about certain lehengas from celebrities’ weddings, you should always make them alter according to your body type and shape. This is a guide on how to hand-pick silhouettes and styles which will flatter your body type. 1. HOURGLASS BODY TYPE Hourglass is an X-shaped body type. If you have an hourglass body type then you have a defined waist with almost equal bust and hip size. The best part about being an hourglass is that more or less everything will look good on you since you already got the curves. Your chief concern should be to choose a lehenga that will flatter those curves. Lehenga Style: Go for the fabrics and silhouettes which will complement the curve going down from the waist. A-line and mermaid cuts will definitely make a statement. Choose soft fluid and lightweight fabrics like velvet and georgette. Choli Style: Show off your perfectly defined waist by going for upper-waist short sleeveless blouses with V or closed necks. Here are some bridal lehengas that will absolutely flatter an hourglass body type;            2. STRAIGHT BODY TYPE A straight or rectangle is an H-shaped body type. In this, your bust, waist, and hip measurements would be nearly the same. Those who have an athletic or slim-shaped … Continue reading HOW TO CHOOSE BRIDAL LEHENGA ACCORDING TO YOUR BODY-TYPE