HOW TO CREATE BALANCE IN YOUR WEDDING ENSEMBLES Balance is a salient principle of design. It signifies framework, volume, and equilibrium in the dynamics of fashion. With balance comes the composition of perfectly distributed textures, colors, cuts, and silhouettes. The idea of this principle is to aesthetically and sublimely segregate the visual load of an outfit. Balance is a prime factor in the field of fashion because it harmonizes and unites the other factors of design. Indian wedding garb is a quintessential way of explaining how this theory works as ethnic attires hold a bit of everything. Here, you will learn about how to build parallelism in your garments by retaining just a few factual concepts; 1. BALANCED SILHOUETTES The silhouette is the basic outline of the garment. Balance in silhouette means that the structure of your outfit should complement and blend perfectly with the structure of your body. Some people have a great height, and nevertheless, the clothes they pick out make them look shorter in front of the beholders. The core reason is that our bodies per se are divide into upper halves and lower halves. Symmetry in both halves is rare however, you can visually observe which section is the dominant one. As an Indian bride, you should certainly hand-pick lehengas or gowns that would suit your body type. If you have a long torso followed by shorter legs, go for silhouettes that would enhance and elongate your legs like high-waist, A-line, Sheath, and so forth paired with upper-waist open-neck blouses, whereas choose flared, paneled, and layered cuts to make your legs appear shorter.           2. BALANCED … Continue reading HOW TO CREATE BALANCE IN YOUR WEDDING ENSEMBLES