HOW TO DRESS UP FOR AN INDIAN WEDDING India is the most pious and ethically diverse country, and the richness in its culture can always be directed by the kinds of weddings it possesses. Indian weddings in themselves contain several ceremonies followed by peals of laughter, enthusiasm, and most importantly, highly embellished vibrant outfits. Along with the delight of attending an Indian wedding, there is always a quandary about what to wear for all the lined-up ceremonies. So, here’s a guide on how to jazz up for an Indian wedding. WHAT TO WEAR FOR AN INDIAN WEDDING The first and foremost thing you should decide is what you want to wear. With aesthetically pleasing abilities, your outfit should also provide you with some ease as you’ll be wearing it for hours. SAREE: Saree is a poise of an Indian woman. It holds great significance in Indian culture. A saree is most commonly ranged between 6 to 9 yards and it can be draped around the body according to your style. It conventionally comes with a blouse and underskirt and both can be urbanized as per your flair.          SALWAR SUIT: Traditionally, a salwar suit or salwar kameez is a Punjabi grace whereas a salwar is a loose-fitted trouser, and the kameez is usually a straight-cut basic kurta. The salwar is pleated from the waist and cuffed from the ankles. It’s mainly segregated into patialas and semi-patialas, and the only difference is that Patiala suits will have more pleats. Salwar Kameez is coordinated with a dupatta, a 5 meters fabric normally … Continue reading HOW TO DRESS-UP FOR AN INDIAN WEDDING