HOW TO GIVE INDIAN CLOTHES A MODERN TOUCH Fashion is something that evolves every day. The trends in fashion can onset from established designers, celebrities, bloggers, and even from the streets. Indo-western clothing is catering to the needs of people by retaining the prime keys of fashion which are comfortability, wearability, and of course, style. Fusion clothing takes place when contemporary garments are paired with Indian wear. You are utterly independent when it comes to indo-western garb as it is supposed to be unique and discrete. The amalgamation of two opposite edges of fashion can call attention to your personality in a distinct way. It can range from all denim with indigenous print applique work to intricately printed Kurti paired with a white shirt, thereby becoming budget-friendly as you won’t have to spend thousands on heavily embroidered lehengas, just unlatch your wardrobe and upcycle your old clothes by putting on in some creativity. Jewelry plays a gigantic role in this section of fashion. It can change the comprehensive frame of contemporary clothing just by being present around the neck or dangling on it. Indo-western wear has gained immense hype in the past few years, and it’s definitely staying for a perpetual period. Keep reading to know some effective as well as efficient ways how to put modern and Indian attires together like a pro. 1. GET INSPIRED BY THE STREETS Besides hoarding tips and tricks provided by celebrity stylists and well-known designers, look out for the people who are changing the game of fashion just by walking on … Continue reading HOW TO GIVE INDIAN CLOTHES A MODERN TOUCH