HOW TO REUSE OLD INDIAN CLOTHES It’s quite a humdrum to organize your wardrobe when your old, worn-out clothes have taken more than half of the space, and you are left oscillated between whether you should keep those garments for “just-in-cases” or donate them right away. While there are some prints or basics that are better off given to charity cases, others are so close to our hearts that we won’t mind keeping them forever. The best way to retain the latter half is to put it into creative reuse, which in other words is known as upcycling. Repurposing old clothes, especially Indian attires, is a top-tier approach towards better quality closet as ethnic wear takes around a minimum of 3 meters of fabric and goes up to 9 meters which gives ample options for you to create something new out of it. Refashioning old clothes does not only assist you in meeting the ongoing trends but also keeps your savings intact. Listed below are some economical as well trending ideas on how to reuse old Indian clothes. 1. OUT OF A SAREE A Flared Anarkali Gown: That’s the most popular and viable option when it comes to reusing a saree. There are dozens of Anarkali styles that can come out of a saree. The major advantage in repurposing a saree is that it is an unstitched piece of clothing that takes the load off from unfastening or undoing the stitches. You can go for an empire line banarasi Anarkali suit with box pleats assuming that your mom possesses tons of those … Continue reading HOW TO REUSE OLD INDIAN CLOTHES