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India is a hub of cultures and festivities. Navratri is a festival as well as tradition in India. This is a nine days celebration and has its soul in Gujarat. Navratri is also celebrated very colorfully in West Bengal as Durga puja. Navratri is the best way to celebrate inner beauty of Goddess Durga.

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Durga is the embodiment of Shakti. On the tenth day, Durga’s victory over evil is celebrated as Vijayadashmi in Bengal and Dussehra in other parts of India. Saree is the key of Navratri celebration in Bengal. Navratri is celebrated as the most colourful festivals in the Western India. On this grand occasion, everyone wants to look beautiful and different from others.



And if the matter is of Navratri celebration then traditional outfits are the most favorite outfit of the young girls and middle aged women because Navratri is a traditional occasion and it needs you to be dressed up in a traditional and beautiful way. And when it comes to ethnic dresses then saree is the most quintessential part of the women of India. Going ethnic about your dress style is the one of the key mantra during Navratri.

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At Andaaz Fashion, you can find the widest range of chaniya choli, designer sarees, and anarkali suits. If you are in search of a particular design, style or a type of dress than Andaaz Fashion is the perfect destination for you. You can get customized outfit as per your desired design, pattern and style. Our quick response and delivery system will make your purchase an over joyous experience for you. Andaaz will make your grand Navratri festival stress free and unforgettable for you. Andaaz helps you to experiment with the new style statement so that you can get an exclusive outfit.

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At Andaaz Fashion, there is an exclusive range of Navratri festival as we have brought a lot of bright colours and designs for Navratri collection. Andaaz Fashion is providing an exclusive collection of ethnic outfits that are simply irresistible. There is a perfect fusion of traditional outfit and modern designs in our new collection of sarees.When we are talking about Indian culture then saree is only outfit that represent it better without saying anything. Every woman deserves to look the best in the crowd.

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Ethnic outfits match perfectly with the festive occasion and give you the best look. You should pick the gorgeous saree to look perfect during Navratri. While picking a saree for yourself, makes sure that it goes perfectly with your age and the time of the day when you are going to wear it. The dhols would not stop beating and the music is going to be crazy. Here are some designs and style of saree that would help you making a traditional diva:

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First and the top most choice of every woman for any festive occasion is Banarasi saree. For Navratri celebration the choice of banarasi saree is perfect because its richness will make your appearance lavish. Banarasi saree is known as the most perfect saree in India and even abroad and especially famous for its heavy work of gold and silver brocade or zari and embroidery. A Banarasi saree is not only a symbol of tradition but a symbol of pride, happiness and celebration style of Indian women.

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Silk saree is one of the most attractive saree of India and it is famous not only in India but also in abroad for its designs, print, texture and vibrant colours with embroidery. As you know Navratri is a vibrant and colourful so the outfit must be colourful too. This saree is perfect for Navratri celebration. This saree is any women’s need in South India. Mysore silk saree, kanchipuram silk saree, and Bhagalpur silk saree are also available in different styles and designs.

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Tant saree is the famous attire of the women in West Bengal. Bengali sarees are famous for its vibrant colours, lightness, transparency and easy to handle for any type of occasion. Tant saree is the first choice of every Bengali woman for Durga puja. It is known as evergreen saree because it can be worn as casual wear as well as festival wear.

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Sambalpuri saree is popular as the most beautiful saree in India and its pride of Orissa. It is the best choice of every woman for Navratri celebration. This saree looks beautiful as it is so colourful in its texture and best choice of every woman.
A kosa saree is the best one for you if you are looking for regal look. This is known as pure silk and gives you a lavish and rich look. For this Navratri, a kosa saree is the perfect one for you ladies.

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A Nauvari saree is a traditional Maharashtrian saree. It is unique in its own way because of its distinctive way of wearing. Nauvari saree is first choice of every Marwari women. This vibrant saree is perfect for Navratri celebration. This saree will give you a vibrant and rich look which will perfectly suit your Navratri celebration.

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Bandhani saree comes in various patterns and designs. This type of saree is popular for its rich and vibrant colours as well as patterns. You can pick this saree if you want light and colourful saree for this Navratri.

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Net saree is all time favourite of every woman. It comes in both soft net and hard net. It is considered the most fascinating saree. Due to its glamorous look, it becomes very popular among young girls. For this Navratri, you can choose a perfect net saree which will give you modern and stunning look.

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Chiffon saree is known as the most elegant saree among women. Chiffon sarees come in various colours and patterns. It is easy to handle and light in weight. So this is a perfect choice if you are planning to dance and enjoy that at the fullest. A chiffon saree will make you look elegant as well as comfortable while dancing.
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So ladies, now you are very much clear of what to wear this Navratri. Pick out the best one and become the subject of admiration. you can further accessorize yourself these sarees by adding latest glamorous earrings and clutch purses. At Andaaz Fashion, we are celebrating Navratri with you and make the best of you. Pick out a best saree for you and make this Navratri unforgettable for you. Enjoy best deals and discount at Andaaz fashion and get ready to look like a diva.


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