Kurta Pajama Men’s Kurta Payjama

Men’s Kurta Pajama

Fashion is not only associated with women only but also men. We say men have nothing to do with fashion and style but this is a myth. Men are also so choosy like women. As we know, Indian dresses are associated with Indian rich culture and tradition. Indian outfits are famous around the world for their rich fabric and embellishment. So, Indian outfits have an important position among men and women.

Mens Kurta
Today, fashion provides many options to modern men to dress in a fashionable way to look tall, dark, and sharp. Kurta Pajama is considered an important part of men’s attire without which no dressing attire can be imagined. Kurta Pajama is generally full sleeves and a light embroidered outfit of men. Kurta Pajama is known as the most comfortable outfit of men.

Kurta Pajama

A kurta Pajama is generally made with very comfortable fabric such as, cotton, silk, terracotta, etc. which add extra comforts to men. Kurta pajama suits on every body type and age. You can wear it at any festival, wedding, party and in college or workplace. In short, a kurta Pajama is all in one outfit for men that offer them and is perfect for both formal and informal occasion. You can wear a kurta with jeans, trousers, cargo, etc to look different.

White Kurta

Today, men wear kurta at various official meetings and interviews. Men’s kurta is usually is a long and loose shirt almost reaching the knees with either heavy or light embroidery with a Pajama, a light weighted loose trouser. A kurta Pajama gives a comfortable and ethnic look to the wearer and is generally worn during ceremonies and festivals.

Mens Kurta

Designers are experimenting a lot with men’s kurta Pajama in terms of fabrics, design, and color these days. Earlier, the kurta Pajama was considered an old or very traditional outfit but with the numerous interventions and experiments of designers, kurta Pajama is now is worn not only in India but also abroad. With the rapid increase of globalization, the indo-western style is getting very popular these days.

Pathani Suit

The influence of contemporary world fashion on the Indian ethnic attire is so tremendous that many people across the world have developed a liking for this ethnic voguish style. Bandi sets and pathani set styles are getting so popular these days. Bandi set and pathani style kurta Pajama add to the elegance of the young men and are perfect for wedding ceremonies and festival celebrations.


When it comes to men’s ethnic outfits then it is impossible not to mention sherwani. Sherwani is another version of kurta Pajama and is known as the most luxurious men’s ethnic outfit. A Sherwani has an extravagant embroidery and embellishment of zari, sequins, stones, beads, etc. a sherwani gives the wearer a rich and regal look on the special occasion.


Sherwani is usually worn by the groom at an Indian wedding. Nehru jacket style kurta Pajama also has an essential space in Indian men’s ethnic wear. Nehru jacket style kurta Pajama is generally worn on a formal occasion as it has that stately appeal which suits perfectly the purpose of the occasion. Kurta Pajama is not only popular among Indian men but also foreigners. Westerns who visit India for tourism love to carry kurta Pajama with them.

Men can make style statements by pairing kurta with denim and a blazer for a casual look or a churidar pajama for a traditional look. Kurta can be paired with a Nehru jacket and waistcoat. You can pair up it with some accessories such as a gold bracelet, gold chain, and kolhapuri footwear for a handsome look. Simple matches of trousers with these kurtas for men look elegant and stylish. Kurta Pajama gives traditional as well as rich looks to the wearer. We have seen many Bollywood celebrities wear this kurta Pajama on festive occasions as well as in their movies.

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