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Different Types Of Earring Available In The Market

Earrings are considered as the most attractive jewelery of women as it is worn by piercing ears and it is very important as it enhances the beauty of face of a woman. It is one of the most common forms of fashion jewelery which is liked by both men and women, though it is very popular with women as it is worn by women since ancient times. It is worn by piercing earlobes and ear cartilages. Earlier earrings were made up of bones and wood but with passage of time they are made up of different materials which include precious stone, wood, metal, gold, beads, pearl, etc.

Artificial Earrings

Earrings come in various different designs like small loops and studs to large and dangling items and come in different sizes and weights. It has became a fashion statement in modern world and most desirable attire for women worldwide as it gives casual yet smart and formal look to the wearer and carry the charisma to transfer the look of the wearer magically. It is very popular in western countries especially with women of Britain. With times and changing fashion styles earrings transformed from large dangling ones to medium and small sized earrings that were worn as studs.

Crystal Earrings

Crystal earrings are always hot in fashion as it gives sparkling appearance to the wearer. Though made up of plastic or glass, these crystal earrings carries with it detailed craftsmanship and it comes in various different sparkling cuts and designs along with metal crafted which add glamour to the wearer. Generally long is size with many dangling cluster of crystals, it enhances the beauty of the wearer by giving flashy and stunning look.

Jhumka Earring

Jhumka earring is one of the most elegant, traditional yet hot favorite of modern women. Though very traditional but it liking is still very famous in modern culture. Jhumka is generally large size chandelier earring in circular or bell shape and ends in a row lace like tiny drops of gold. Jhumka earrings are very glamorous and must have jewelery for bridal makeup. Gold jhumka is one of the most famous bridal wear jewelery which enhances the gorgeous look of the bride. However, crystal jhumkas are also in hot fashion which comes in various different metals and crystals which gives sparkling appearance to the wearer. They are the best bet to turn head towards the wearer in social and religious functions in society.

Online Earrings

Online earrings provides buyer with ample of opportunities to select online from various designers earrings from website like Andaaz Fashion and wear it for different occasions to look glamorous, gorgeous yet traditional.