How to identify Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree?

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

How to identify Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree?

Wedding coming up? Or do you need a new addition to your saree collection? Or you simply just want to stand out in a crowd……. Well, traditional Kanjivaram Silk Saree is the best option for all these things.

Everyone admires and loves the feel of pure silk wrapped around your body giving an ethnic and sensational vibe at the same time. But when we have a variety of options in saree how does one identify a pure Kanjivaram silk saree from any other silk saree?


Well, we are here with some tips that will help you to identify the pure Kanjivaram Silk saree.

1. Contrasting and vibrant colors

The first sign of a Kanjivaram silk saree is the contrast between the border and the body of the saree. Kanjivaram silk saree usually has a strong contrasting border with motifs like animals, nature, or temples. It can also have Zigzag lines. It usually comes in vibrant colors like orange, blue, red, green, and golden.

2. Heavier silk

Kanjivaram silk saree traditionally has a heavier silk base as compared to other silk saree which makes them extremely costly. This element distinguishes the Kanjivaram silk saree from numerous different kinds of silk saree made in India.

Typically, the heavier the silk of your Kanjivaram sari, the better its quality.

3. Zari test

Original Kanjivaram silk saree is woven from silver zari. Weavers take a pure red silk string and wind a silver string over this string and afterward it is dipped into gold color to make the zari border.

To distinguish unadulterated Kanjivaram silk saree, you can take a couple of free strings from the pallu or border. Then take off the gold layer of the string, if the inner string is red, regardless of the saree color then it is pure genuine Kanjivaram silk.

4. Burn test

For this, you can basically take a few threads from the saree and light a fire toward the end of the threads. Once burnt pure silk, will leave behind an ash ball which will smell like burnt hair or burnt leather, while fake silk will leave no ash.


Apart from these, you can also search for the label ‘Silk Mark’ which is only awarded to pure Kanjivaram silk saree by the Silk Board of India to mark its originality.

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