Indian Saree Patterns & Styles

Indian Saree Patterns & Styles

The Indian traditional dresses have not remained unswayed with trending fashion. The trend in colour, fabric, pattern, designs are being loved. There is a shift in the style of traditional clothes. Indian saris have continued to be the increasing style dress for ladies when there is a choice among the Western and Indian dresses. Indian traditional saris have always been the first choice of women.

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The ardent love for saris could be seen everywhere. From celebrities to the common people, it is ubiquitous in India. The main reason for the importance of Indian saris is the Indian cinema and television. In the clothes market saris have been sharing more than 50% shares of women clothing. In the market different types of saris both original as well as duplicate of originals are available, be it Kanjivaram or any Banarasi sari.

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The mirror work of Gujarat, the Phulkari of Punjab, Madhubani painting of Bihar and chikenkari sarees of Lucknow have always been a representation of Indian culture and they hold a very significant importance in the lives of Indian women. The saris are not only worn in their regional places but are also occasionally loved and admired by the women belonging to different parts of the country.

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Even today the Banarasi sarees and Kanjivaram saris catches the heart of women due to its special status and grace attached to them. The kanjivaram sarees are one of the best sarees made in India. The embroidery or zari used is of silk with outer layer of gold. Though the duplicate Kanjivaram sarees are available at a very cheap rate but these have very little zari work in them. Also, many of the original kanjivaram sarees have embroideries of golden thread because of which their prices rise up into lakhs.

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Baluchari saris of Bengal: Baluchari sari is originally developed in West Bengal is famous across the world. The baluchari sarees are available both in cotton as well as in silk. The saris are famous because of their embroidery generally inspired from the mythological tales especially from Mahabharata and Ramayana. In the saris basic colours like red, green, blue and yellow are use in leaving the borders are based on the theme and narrate a story. Baluchari saris which are handmade all completely identical to that of the computerised one. The range of Baluchari starts from Rs.3000.


The bridal Banarasi saris: Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is the hub for the production of Banarasi saree. This style began in India with the advent of mughals. Earlier this art of embroidery was used for making of sherwanis, overcoats and dupattas. Long time back, pure gold was used in the saris but now there is merely use of gold instead ornamatic shining zari is used. The range of Banarasi saree increases with the quality and embroidery work, but then there is a high risk of getting fake Banarasi sari due to their increasing demand in the market.

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Bandhani or Bandhej saree of Rajasthan: The most popular sarees of Rajasthan are the Bandhani sarees. The saris are usually available in striking colours and patterns.The sarees are rapped and opened when displayed to customers. The price of real Bandini starts from Rs.15,000 and increases as the detailed work and designing increases.

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The sambhalpuri Sarees:Â One of the famous saree is of Orissa often called as Shadi are the best options across the country. The Sambalpuri sarees are tied and dyed and then prepared for the final results just like this bandhej Sarees of Rajasthan. The sarees are first dyed before weaving.

In today’s world, copying the original is not a big deal the copied and originals are so much identical that it is very difficult to identify the real one and the fake one by the consumer.There is a huge risk of buying a fake saree even after paying huge amount of money so quite a keen keen observation is needed when purchasing a saree.
Sarees can never be taken away from the heart of India and the Indian woman. India being a land of diversity serves you with a variety of regional sarees which is inspired from the history of India. These saris are a representation of the culture of India as well as its traditions which are being followed from centuries by the people of India. Keeping in mind that I will city of cultures we bring you everything and anything you could ever imagine relating to Saris. Go ahead and check out the collection of regional saris which will steal your heart at one go.


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